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Exploring AI & Bringing it to Your Classroom (Self Paced)

Teacher Professional Development Series

Learn at your own pace!  During this course we will cover the following topics::


Understanding AI in Education

  • Definition and basic principles of AI

  • Applications of AI in education

  • Quick case studies showcasing successful AI integration

Ethical Considerations and Best Practices

  • Overview of ethical considerations in AI

  • Best practices for responsible AI use in the classroom

Hands-On Session: AI Tools for Educators

  • Live demonstration of user-friendly AI tools suitable for different subjects and grade levels

  • Participants engage in interactive activities using AI tools

Strategies for Integrating AI in Curriculum 

Available Dec 1

Cost: $50


you: i have more questions.  can we talk?
me: absolutely, call me @ 317-947-5090
me: or email me @


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