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Future Filmmakers Masterclass

On-Campus Summer Program  (timing varies per program)

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During the summer, your students will have the opportunity to learn the basic skills of filmmaking. These skills include storyboarding, editing, scriptwriting and character development.

A customized Purpix curriculum is specially designed for your program (exclusive to the times and dates of your program)


- WE train a designated staff member from your team this licensed course

- We provide online tools which include

   - a day to day curriculum with a grading system

   - online video editing program

   - online sound 

- We provide your program with:

   - Digital binder

   - Student recruitment videos

   - Future FIlmmaker Masterclass Brand Kit (flyers, posters, etc)

   - HR position/recommendations

   - Instructor How-to videos


Ready to chat?

call us: 317-947-5090
email us:
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