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Renowned filmmaker and educator, Al Smith, is embarking on an exhilarating career day tour, taking students on an illuminating journey from his high school days to his thriving film career. With a passion for storytelling that ignited during his own college years, Al is dedicated to sharing his transformative experiences and insights. Through an interactive and engaging approach, he plans to captivate auditoriums filled with eager young minds, imparting the valuable lessons he learned along the way. Al's unique blend of narrative flair, student involvement, and uplifting messages aims to not only educate but also inspire the next generation of content creators, fostering their creative spirit and empowering them to pursue their dreams in the world of film and media.

                                                                                       BUT WAIT            

                         THERE'S MORE!



                                                                                            EVERY STUDENT WILL RECEIVE OUR LATEST DIGITAL BOOK

                                                                                            A College & Career pathways resource guide!

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