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Introducing "Lights Camera College" - A book that's here to help you figure things out. Are you worried about growing up and ending up in a job you don't like? Do you dream of being a filmmaker but worry it might not work out? This book is like a guide that takes you step by step, starting from high school and going all the way to college and beyond.


Think of it as a roadmap for your dream film career. It shows you what to do in high school, like joining the right programs and clubs that can help you learn important stuff. When you get to college, it helps you pick the right subjects that match what you love – whether it's directing, writing, or something else.


But it's not just about school. This book also teaches you about things like internships and making connections with people in the film industry. You'll learn how to show off your work in the best way and what jobs you can aim for after you finish college.


Don't worry if it sounds tough – this book makes it easy to understand. And it's not just full of boring advice. If you're worried about the future, pick up "Lights Camera College" and take the first step towards making your filmmaking dreams real.

copy of copy of LIGHTS! CAMERA! COLLEGE! (Bundle of 5)

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